A New Way To Enjoy Donuts

Donut King Occasions is an all new special occasions delivery service. Imagine the joy of experiencing the familiar comfort of your beloved donuts in a completely new light, as they become the centerpiece of your celebrations. Whether it's a quiet anniversary dinner at home, a vibrant birthday party, or a heartfelt gesture to mark a significant milestone, our service ensures that these delectable delights are more than just a treat.

Continuing a 40+ Year Legacy

Donut King has been creating magical memories in Australia since 1981. Sharing our passion for sweet treats, and our mission to add a bit of β€œfun” into the lives of our customers is our main goal. We’re lucky to have been able to share family memories with our customers on the daily, bringing a touch of playfulness to their busy lives. Donut King is committed to growing with you but always cherishing our history together.